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TV / Cable

While there has been expediential growth in the digital/social sector over the past few years, TV is still as strong as ever. However, as TV continues to evolve, interactive TV allows viewers to watch certain programs when they want, rather than being forced to watch at a specific time.

Broadcast/Cable media planning and buying:


  • Local, Regional and National

  • DR- Direct Response

  • Addressable TV

  • Programmatic (desktop, mobile and tablets)

  • Connected TV (Apple, Google Chromecast, Playstation, Roku, Smart TV’s)

  • CTV

  • OTT

Car radio


Despite the emergence of satellite and streaming  radio, terrestrial radio is still one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to reach an audience.


Radio services:

  • Local, Regional, National, Spot and Syndicated

  • Satellite- Sirius

  • Streaming – iHeart, Pandora, Spotify

  • DR- Direct Response

Digital & Social Media

From Ad serving to Search retargeting, SJD Media and Marketing’s digital strategists can put together a cost-efficient campaign to drive site traffic to our clients sites and over achieving their KPI’s.

  • Ad Serving

  • Campaign Optimization

  • Campaign reporting & insights

  • Cross Device Targeting

  • Digital Display & Video

  • Direct Response

  • Email Marketing

  • Influencer Marketing

  • IP Targeting

  • Location based targeting

  • Mobile (Geo-profiling, Cross Targeting, Premium Placement, Content Production, etc)

  • Programmatic

  • Promotions

  • Search Retargeting


  • Social Media

  • Ticket Trade


Out Of Home

Out of home planning and buying services:

  • Billboards (Digital/Static)

  • Transit ( subways, commuter rail, bus, taxi tops, one and 2-sheet posters)

  • Airport displays

  • Mall displays

  • Street furniture

  • Mobile billboards

  • Wildposting

Out of home


Print planning and buying services:

  • Newspaper

  • Magazine

  • B2B (Trade)

  • FSI

  • Remnant

Fashion Magazine

Direct Mail

  • Mail is a physical thing, it's tangible

  • Everyone loves to get mail

  • It's cost effective

  • Direct Mail + Data= Highly personalized data driven marketing

  • Mail is a key part of the cross media platform experience

  • Direct mail can build brand trust

  • Direct mail is easier for the recipient to process then other forms of media

  • Simple execution

  • Creative leeway

  • It's personal

  • It's hyper targeted


Sports Sponsorships
We have a dedicated department that handles sports partnerships for our clients. SJD Media & Marketing has a national footprint and relationships with teams across all sports; NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS

cn homeplate_edited.jpg


While we can guarantee to place your message in the right environment, the most important element of your campaign is the creative. With over 20 years of long-standing partnerships, we are confident that we can come up with an affordable creative campaign that will help sell your product. Whether its broadcast, out of home, digital or print, our creative strategy will stand out among your competitors in this never-ending competitive world.

Designing on a Tablet
Live Show Recording


With being in business for over 20 years we have established some great relationships with some of the most unique, professional production people in the industry. Whether it’s a local radio spot in Dallas, Texas, a national TV spot in LA, California or a billboard in Time Square, NY,  SJD Media and Marketing will make sure your ad is nothing short of perfect! Don’t forget, the 3 most important elements to any successful marketing campaign is the Creative, Production and Media Placement.

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